Filter-Clean™ filters and packaging
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Filter-Clean Isotropic Milk Filters

Designed strictly for gravity applications, with an emphasis on speed and capacity. The isotropic filter disc is a product of extensive research to help you increase quality milk production.

  • Random fiber distribution forms an intricate network of microscopic sediment traps.
  • Milk flows uniformly through thousands of microscopic traps throughout the full thickness of the filter for thorough, yet fast, sediment removal.
  • Unique isotropic construction prevents fiber separation, and eliminates thin parts and weak spots.
  • Ideal for milking goats, sheep and other low-volume applications.

Product Number Filter-Clean Product Description Usage (Approx.)
6 1/2" Disc Gravity Flow
9 1/2" Disc Gravity Flow
12 1/2" Disc Gravity Flow
15" Disc Gravity Flow
4 9/16" Disc Gravity Flow