Filter Cell™ filters and packagaing
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Filter Cell
Air Vent Filters

  • Isotropic filter and filter support allows venting of tanker truck while unloading.
  • Designed to keep out debris, but allow air in for proper unloading.

Pipeline Filter Screens

Pipeline Filter Screens help to keep milk free of sediment each time you unload a tanker. These filters can be easily clamped in between either the bulk tank or the tanker truck and the transfer hose valve while transferring milk between the farm and the milk processing plant. They provide a positive quality check for foreign material, and help protect pumps and equipment downstream.

Our 3-inch Pipeline Filter Screens are designed with a strong and resistant nylon mesh which is thermally bonded into a green plastic disc gasket.

Product Number Filter Cell Product Description
Filter Cell™
Tanker Air Vent Filter
Product Number Pipeline Filter Screens Product Description
3" Pipeline Insert - Heavy Nylon Mesh Filter