Filter Cell

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Filter Cell Tanker Vent Filters

Engineered to fit over the vents in a tanker truck, Filter Cell Tanker Vent Filters provide for air flow into a tanker while preventing debris from entering during loading and unloading.

Filter Cell utilizes a replaceable Tuffy filter sleeve with a plastic cage and cap assembly. Simply place the sleeve over the cage and snap on the cap to keep the filter in place.


Our 3-inch Pipeline Filter Screens are designed with a strong and resistant mesh which is thermally bonded into a green plastic disc gasket. Fitting the hose connections between the tanker truck and milk storage, the screens are designed to keep milk free of sediment during tanker loading and unloading. They provide a positive quality check for foreign material, and help protect pumps and equipment downstream.

Brand Type Material   Diameter (in.) Length (in.) Product Number Pieces per Box Boxes per Case Description
FILTER CELL® SLEEVE TUFFY® logo NA NA 4729.0629 100 4 Filter sleeve used with Filter Cell
FILTER CELL® CAGE & CAP PLASTIC   NA NA 4734.0064 1 4 Filter support used for venting tanker trucks while unloading
FILTER CELL® CAP PLASTIC   NA NA 4794.0064 1 1 Replacement cap
FILTER CELL® CAGE PLASTIC   NA NA 4795.0064 1 1 Replacement cage
PIPELINE INSERT DISC PLASTIC/Mesh   3 NA 4738.1517 200 6 Mesh thermally bonded to plastic gasket