Why TUFFY® fabric is the superior choice for milk filtration.

Milk filtration is something that can easily be taken for granted on the dairy farm, but there is more to a filter fabric than meets the eye. Schwartz Manufacturing is exceptional because we manufacture our own nonwoven fabrics with proprietary blends of fibers. Our unique TUFFY® nonwoven fabric is engineered specifically to provide the best milk filtration media on the market today. All of our milk filters are made of TUFFY nonwoven fabric.

TUFFY simply means that our filters can remove more sediment from your milk, and provide you the best quality. The proof is in the lack of sediment in the bottom of your bulk tank.

Strict Quality Control

We test every roll of material that is produced in our mill. Strict standards are maintained by our operators to create the perfect media to filter your milk. Independent labs are used to test both raw materials as well as finished products.

TUFFY® fabric is designed for the following properties:

  • Ultra fast wet out
  • High wet strength
  • Random orientation of fibers create a “uniform web” to best entrap particulates
  • Thickness TWICE that of a wet laid nonwoven fabric
  • Strong construction along seams
  • Compliant with FDA regulations
  • Quality controlled by in-house lab
  • Regularly tested by independent labs to maintain FDA standards

Quality control testing equipment

Machinery hopper full of pre-converted material

Manufacturing our nonwoven fabrics with rigorous quality control.

Large-format roll of Tuffy material at end of production line